Please read this leaflet carefully before you use a tampon for the first time. 

The Period Pack tampons are made of materials bleached without chlorine, this makes their application fully safe, on condition that you follow the instructions contained in this leaflet. 

PREMIUM COMFORT SYSTEM- set of qualities responsible for what is most important in the tampon: absorption and safety. ⇨ • Delicate nonwoven topsheet prevents releasing of separate fibers. • Top with increased absorption makes the tampon absorb the menstrual blood properly. • Special ribes provide even distribution of menstrual blood and ensure better adjustment of the tampon to the body. • String fixed in the middle of the tampon with a knot at the ends allows a safe removal of the tampon. 

How to insert the tampon properly? ⇨ 1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Hold the tampon with both hands and twist the wrapping as the arrows show. 2. Take the lower part of the wrapping off, straighten the string and check whether it has a knot at the end. 3. Make a small hollow at the bottom of the tampon using your index finger. Now hold the base of the tampong with your thumb and middle finger, place the index finger in the hollow and take the upper part of the wrapping part off. 4. Get into a comfortable position, carefully open the vagina opening with your other hand, relax and gently push with your index finger, slip the tampon deeply into vagina aiming it upwards and to your back. The tampon should now be in the right place. 5. The tampon should be unnoticeable and the string should be hanging outside your body. 6. Wash your hands after the insertion. Gently pull the string in order to remove the tampon. You can feel a delicate resistance. This is a natural sensation because the tampon has now slightly increased in size. 

Choosing the right tampon ⇨ There are two available sizes of the period pack tampon of different levels of absorbency: regular and super. At first, you should try all the sizes to find the most suitable one. The smaller size is recommended for women using a tampon for the first time. 

Toxic Shock Syndrome ⇨ Toxic Shock Syndrome is a very rare illness among women using hygienic tampons. Its first symptoms may be flu-like but after a while it can turn very serious. If you have the following symptoms when using a tampon: high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle aches, vertigos or rash, you should immediately remove the tampon and report to a doctor and inform them that you’ve used a tampon. Do not use a tampon again without a consultation with a doctor. The risk of TSS is very low and can be avoided by following the recommendations from this leaflet concerning the personal hygiene during tampon usage. 

Recommendations ⇨ • Wash your hands before and after insertion of a tampon. • Remove the used tampon before insertion of a new one. • Use different sizes of the tampon adjusting them to the intensity of your flow. • Change tampons every 4-8 hours or more frequently if necessary. • Always insert a new tampon before going to sleep and change the used tampon to a new one right after getting up. • You can use tampons when swimming, bathing and using a toilet. These activities do not cause slipping out of a tampon or leakage. 

Points of consideration ⇨ • Do not use larger sizes of tampons in order to decrease the frequency of changing them. • Do not use more than one tampon at the same time. • Do not use tampons if you have leucorrhea. 

If you need any advice, have any questions or doubts concerning usage of tampons, please contact your gynecologist.